Wow, I really like Grammarly

I had heard and seen so many ads for Grammarly over the past few years, but never bothered to check it out.

In April 2020, I decided to install the Grammarly Chrome extension.

I love it.

While I appreciate the real-time super clear and visible proofreading of copy I’m writing, I think I love the weekly stats they send me about my writing even more.

On April 20, 2020, at 8:43 PM, I received my first Grammarly Insights email. I remember saying, “this is cool.”

Grammarly Weekly Writing Stats

Grammarly Insights is a weekly writing stats update about my writing. The email is packed full of information about my writing, and I find it fascinating to look at and eagerly await its arrival.

I can see things like…

  • Raw numbers in Productivity, Mastery, and Vocabulary
  • The tone of my writing
  • The top 3 writing mistakes I made

Benchmarking brings this to a whole new level.

Grammarly tells me not only how well I did and how I’m trending, but they also benchmark me against the entire Grammarly user base – wow!

Did I mention, it’s free. Check it out.

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