Darin Thompson

Hi, my name is Darin.

I have an entrepreneur inside me, and I have a hunch you do too.

When did you realize you had an entrepreneur inside?

In the early 2000s, I traveled for work every single week. My typical schedule was out Monday morning and back home Thursday evening.

Despite having no technical background, I traveled all over the US and Western Europe implementing highly technical and complex enterprise software solutions for the Fortune 500. Through a real passion for learning, rising to a challenge, and a lot of gritty hard work and persistence, I got to be pretty good at what I did.

After several years of racking up a ton of airline miles and hotel points, it was clear my relationships at home were suffering as a result of only being present 30% of the time.

I started thinking intentionally about things I could do that would get me off the road.

Naturally, I began to explore various options, many of which were entrepreneurial in nature.

As I explored options, I found that I really enjoy web-based businesses. Technology and the web, with an eye on business and systems that scale, was where entrepreneurism was going to be for me.

One of the first options I pursued was a simple online eCommerce business that not only did well and scaled, but also gave me an opportunity to develop the fundamental skills and learning tools that allow me to be successful even today.

Despite the web constantly changing, you can develop these skills too, even now, regardless of whether you think it’s too late to begin.

Why start Your Entrepreneur Inside?

There’s a passion within me to create an environment that helps you (and I):

  • Both explore and create options
  • Self-select and identify niches and passions
  • Get incrementally better and more sophisticated over time
  • Learn, be challenged and encouraged
  • Be ok with failing (fast) and course correcting

While most of this can be done online, I think you’d agree with me that it would be cool to establish relationships offline too (in the real world) – I’ve found that doing business online leads to offline relationships with inherent camaraderie baked in.

It’s this type of environment, and the underlying spirit behind it, that I believe has allowed me to execute at a high level in my full-time corporate work, supporting my wife who is a dentist in launching and successfully growing her own private dental practice, and starting and scaling multiple entrepreneurial ventures of my own in real estate and Internet technology.

A few things to consider

I’ve been able to accomplish, and mainly learn, a lot over time and I hope that I can both share in that with you as well as encourage you along your journey.

I say that humbly, and with the weight of responsibility to faithfully follow through in that endeavor.

Maybe you’re like me in that you look to surround yourself with those who challenge you and make you better, and you want to contribute and are hopefully able to make others around you better too – as iron sharpens iron.

I’m no guru or superstar, nearly all that I’ve accomplished in the business realm is the result of just plain hard work and hustle, which we’re all capable of, along with incrementing on my success (and much failure) as well as that of others, which I believe is a cornerstone in business and life.

A sincere thank you for digging in a little deeper with me, our time is scarce, it’s both valuable and finite, that’s not lost on me, it means a lot that you’d choose to spend some of that time with me.

I look forward to coming alongside you on a journey to find your entrepreneur inside, to add some type of value to your business, and to see you grow, scale, and execute with excellence!